Holy Bible Modern Literal Version

Current MLV N.T. 2017 (2018 update is unlikely to ever exist since so few Greek corrections in 2017 by the million+ proofreaders.)

The Modern Literal Version was created for those who truly want to know what God's Koine Greek Bible says but cannot read it directly.
The MLV is not owned by a publishing company, a government, foundation, bible society or a church.
The largest Bible project in English history, over a million proofreaders.
Open Source as in you (yes, you) can submit any correction that is not "Thus saith the Greek."  We want "Error-free."
If you find anything not Koine Greek, which is denominational in 'anyway shape or form' we will remove it.
The MLV project is dedicated to the ending of 600 years of error, the traditions of men, to produce error-free textbooks and the end of making a 'bible' for profit.


The MLV is open source, all can participate.  No English Bible translation on this planet allowed all religious groups to participate, most never allowed one single word from your particular religious group to enter 'their' bible. So far the only ones who wanted nothing to do with the MLV are: Jehovah Witnesses, Hebrew Roots, Christian Scientist and the Mormons.  (We presume Greek is not inline with their beliefs.)


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